PREMIERE: The Golden Age of TV – Television

Matching needle-sharp math-rock riffs with psych guitar flourishes, The Golden Age of TV know their way around an earworm. Bea Fletcher’s deadpan vocals twist themselves into an abundance of melodies over a sinister groove played out on the bass. The video, premiering on TMB today, is a still shot embracing technology in all its forms and sharing memories from the history of the band caught on camera.

‘Television’ is one half of Leeds powerhouse Come Play With Me’s eleventh release and is available on 7″.

Fletcher adds:

‘We’ve been working together for well over 2 years now, and in that time we’ve accumulated a lot of good memories. We realised we’d captured a lot of these moments of madness with our phones, so we thought it’d be best to carry on the trend and make a music video the same way. We’re constantly moving forward and trying new things, but this was an opportunity for us to take a look at what we’ve done together so far – and the times we might have let off some steam in between as well.’

Watch the video below. You can find a 7″ of the track here.