What’s New? Flohio – 10 More Rounds

South London’s Flohio is back and setting a new standard for SE16 on this huge new track.

’10 More Rounds’ beat steps up the intensity with its enigmatic piano loop that allows Flohio to flaunt and flip her flows effortlessly in an impressive show of lyrical gallantry. She barely pauses for breath in comparison to previous single ‘Watchout‘, speaking truths about her rise to the top and how no-one will stand in her way “shit you say couldn’t bring me down, no my main thing is to maintain my grind…I don’t get money just to brag, I get more P’s to uplift my gang”.

An incredible black & white video accompanies ’10 More Rounds’, captivating visuals that completely enhance the ferocity and energy of this all-consuming track.