What’s New? Advance Base – Dolores & Kimberly

Advance Base (aka Owen Ashworth, known by many for his project Casiotone for the Painfully Alone) will release his latest album, Animal Companionship, next month.

Next month’s album promises to be as wistful and tender as those that have come before it, but as the album’s title suggests, much of the record’s lyrical focus will be about dogs. “I wrote these songs to help myself understand what pets mean to their owners, how those animal relationships affect our human relationships, and vice versa” said Ashworth.

Last week, Ashworth released the record’s latest single, the charming but somber ‘Dolores & Kimberly‘. Listen below:

Speaking of the track, Owen said: “Dolores & Kimberly is a fictional story about a person who, for unknown reasons, has abandoned their family & moved to a different state to start a new life with a person they met on the internet. They experience simultaneous feelings of guilt & relief, plus the strange excitement of starting all over again. The story & atmosphere were inspired by all of the weird nights I’ve spent on buses & in bus stations over the years. The music was inspired by Joe Meek, Bruce Springsteen & Patsy Cline, among others.”

‘Dolores & Kimberly’ follows on from the album’s first single, the equally pretty ‘True Love Death Dream‘.


Animal Companionship Tracklist:

1. True Love Death Dream
2. Dolores & Kimberly
3. Your Dog
4. Christmas in Nightmare City
5. You & Me & The Moon
6. Walt’s Fantasy
7. Rabbits
8. Same Dream
9. Care
10. Answering Machine

The lovely Animal Companionship artwork: