What’s New? Laurel – Same Mistakes

Pastel pink and drawn out jealousies take centre stage in the video release for ‘Same Mistakes’ by self-producing singer-songwriter Laurel.

The Southampton-born musician has done a bit of genre-hopping around the alt-pop spectrum over the past few years before settling on a more guitar-based sound, but the compelling melodrama of her songwriting remains. ‘Same Mistakes’ focuses on the selfishness of wanting to keep hold of someone’s affection, despite no longer reciprocating those feelings, and the jealousy that ensues when they finally move on.

It’s a more interesting basis than your typical love song anyway. Raw emotion has always been Laurel’s speciality and in this her distinctively vulnerable voice soars across the reverb drenched guitars like a Skins break-up scene soundtrack waiting to happen.

She’s got a strong block colour aesthetic going on in her current visuals, which works well in this simple video style (if you watch it you’ll basically be staring at her face for four minutes, not that that’s a bad thing). Her blonde locks are completely framed by pastel pink, echoing the bright red of the artwork for fast approaching debut album Dogviolet.


Lead image: Andrea Mae Perez