What’s New? Darwin Deez – Say It First

I know right? I couldn’t believe Darwin Deez was still a thing either!

His new track ‘Say It First’ is the second single from the upcoming album 10 Songs That Happened When You Left Me With My Stupid Heart. The formula seems to have changed slightly from the ‘Radar Detector’ days, sounding now more like an iPad advert from 2012 regurgitating a Dirty Projectors demo (for better or worse, depending on what floats your boat).

Fans of Bleachers will probably find a way to let the chorus worm its way in and stay there, but the lyrics, which presumably were designed to be disarming, come across as crass and even kind of sinister. When he delivers lines like “acts as if you’re actually attracted to me” and “can you listen or are you deaf?” he’s clearly going for droll, but instead kind of makes you want to do the hand-to-the-face-look-away thing people do when they don’t want to be stopped by charity fundraisers in the street.