Interview: On a (Arc)Tangent with Cassels

Ahead of this year’s Arctangent Festival, we’ve had a go at interviewing some of our favourite bands appearing at Europe’s finest weird-rock playground. Some questions are silly, others not. Regardless, go buy a ticket. 

Cassels (pronounced cass-ells) are a guitar/drums duo consisting of brothers Jim and Loz Beck. They make smarmy and pummelling post-hardcore with enough jagged edges to summon a gaggle of health and safety advisers. Despite only being two of them, their sound is one of true heft. Riffs lurch and careen with the weight and physicality of a stone golem, but Jim’s lyrics contain sardonic wit, and a level of self-awareness which genuinely questions rather than self-deprecates. Suffice to say, they’re a pretty exciting band, and you can catch them on Thursday at ATG. I spoke to Jim over Facebook, because we’re both millennial trash

Hey Jim. I’m a big fan of #LozWatch on your twitter. What wily antics can we expect of UK DIY’s favourite little brother at this years Arctangent? 

Who knows. His unpredictability is the essence of what makes #lozwatch such great #content. Pretty sure there are more fans of that hashtag than of our band.

#LozWatch in #Full #Flow

‘Where Baseball Was Invented’ (from your fantastic 2017 LP ‘Epithet’) doesn’t contain any lyrics about baseball. To make up for this, could you pen us a verse about America’s favourite past-time?

How to pen a verse on the fly
About a pastime so alien?
Um… something about pinstripes
Big gloves
Babe Ruth
And overzealous Americans.
I’m trying my hardest But I’m beginning to flounder
I suppose the best I can say is,
To the best of my knowledge,
Baseball is basically the same game as rounders.

Wow. That sucked Jim. Thanks though. You’ve been relatively quiet in 2018 compared to last year, what have you both been up to?

I dunno about that, we haven’t released as much music this year, but that would have been hard as we put out 2 LPs last year. On the whole I’d say we’ve been a lot busier this year. We did a UK co-headline tour with Youth Man in February, put out a new single in June, did a 2 week co-headline tour with Gender Roles last month, and now we have ATG coming up, followed by a short UK headline run in September, some all-dayer festival things, another tour in November (TBA), before we finish out the year with some album 2 recording.

THAT BUSY ENOUGH FOR YOU??? Nah but this year’s been great, definitely feels like we’ve become more of a proper band. Plus we’ve got a lot better at playing and writing songs. Very much looking forward to getting the next record out now.

Who’s your favourite BSM band at ATG this year?

Probably La Dispute.

Brevity is a poor-man’s rambling, Jim. What’s your dream festival line-up? 

Look, I’ll be honest with you, I’ve got 10 minutes of my lunch break left, so for ease I’m just gonna say the ATG line-up this year. We’d actually both already bought tickets before we got asked to play, which kinda tells you how chuffed we are to be on the bill.

Cassels will play Arctangent 2018 on Thursday August 16th. Their debut album Epithet is available through Big Scary Monsters here. Check out the full lineup below, and buy tickets for Arctangent here.