What’s New? P.D. Liddle – Uncanny Valley

The break up of East London’s Dry the River has given P.D. Liddle the opportunity to write more intimate tracks which are commanded by his rhapsodic vocals and intricate musicianship. This solo venture is a clear example of a new surge of creativity for the artist, proof that the end of a popular band isn’t always a tragedy. Fans of Dry the River will find comfort in listening to this track, it shows a newfound level of maturity and emotion which goes hand in hand with creating intelligent folk music.

‘Uncanny Valley’ is the first track from his forthcoming album, Casual Labour, which is constructed of 9 songs that have been carefully crafted since the break up of the band in 2015.

P.D. Liddle opens up about his new music:

“When I was younger, I thought you wrote about the big events and huge milestones in your life – that you need emotional peaks and troughs to inspire you, but just participating in daily life is much more inspiring for me… The ethos of this record was if it’s really difficult, you’re not doing it right. If you’re having to push hard against something it’s probably not working. It was finding the path of least resistance… It’s been a nice journey, discovering that.”

‘Casual Labour’ will be released on 13th July 2018 via XTRA Mile Recordings.