What’s New? Jackie Cohen – Maddy

One of Spacebomb Records’ latest signings, Jackie Cohen stands in her own hazy spotlight with her curious brand of wonky-country poem-songs.

Her debut EP, Tacoma Night Terror Part 1: I’ve Got the Blues, was released on June 29th and showcases one of the more promising collections of country-pop songs this year. Produced by Jonathan Rado, with brothers Brian and Michael D’Addario (aka The Lemon Twigs) serving as backing vocalists, the high profile names are backed up by the quality of the music itself.

Cohen this week released her new video for “Maddy”, which she directed herself in her hometown of Los Angeles. Cohen said of the video, “My aim for this video was to make it myself for no money and I truly believe I achieved that. When I first set up the tripod I was like, COOL, this is gonna be like some Miranda July shit but the feedback so far has been more like Harmony Korine meets Aicha.”