What’s New? FLOAT – Watch

London based post-punk outfit, FLOAT have shared their debut single ‘Watch’.

Deceitful synthesizers kick off the occasion before driving baselines and screeching guitars, reminiscent of sunny Californian psychedelic rock, graciously concede the tracks true intentions.  The groups cited influences of Echo and the Bunnymen and Television become ever more apparent with the emergence of understated, washed out vocals. The addition of prominent lyrical hooks from the lead singer softens the experience, leading us away from the traditional harsh ecosystem of post-punk.

It’s a strong statement from the young band, with catchy hooks and proficient musicianship. Their first offering is a brighter more nimble take on the genre they inhabit, while still providing enough edge to attract even the dourest post-punk aficionado. “Watch them fade away” drones the lead singer throughout the track, something which we hope we don’t have to do with this band.

Watch the video here: