What’s New? Forth Wanderers – Taste

Cool, attractive people! Snogging! Pink hair! Murder?! The new Forth Wanderers video has it all. The latest single from their self-titled sophomore album feels sprawling and cinematic, with the hipster-noir visual accompaniment building on this filmic atmosphere. 

Filled with shimmering guitars and angst-fuelled vocals, ‘Taste’ harks back to dream pop and shoegaze of the likes of Ride and Slowdive, but with an emotional urgency that gives it a heart of its own. Distortion spills across this minor key love song as Ava Trilling’s vocals detail the quandary of emotionally holding someone at arms length.

Director Everett Ravens not only has an excellent name (which he shares with a Women’s Ice Hockey Association in case you were interested), but also helps convey the song’s sense of heightened yearning through the medium of incredibly good looking actors. The video’s protagonist enlists many an aloof, haunted stare as she flits between decisions about two men in her life. The taste of the kisses linger before she makes a very final choice.

Check out the video below.