PREMIERE: dot Vom – Arroyo Burro

Bay Area 5-piece dot Vom combine a masterful control of melody with dangerously destructive riffs – new EP Melatonin imagines Beach House on Burger Records and opening track ‘Arroyo Burro’ is an expansive and dynamic cut, premiering below.

Smuggling face-melting riffs under soft math-rock harmonies, it’s an excellent opening salvo from an EP packed with infectious earworms. Recalling fellow fucked-up rock’n’roll peddlers Shannon and the Clams, the quintet craft slow-burning torch songs unafraid of giving too much away. Dreamy organs ground the group in an ethereal space and let their taut guitars and precious lyrics unfurl.

Melatonin EP is out July 6th via Text Me Records. Listen to ‘Arroyo Burro’ below.



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