Bluedot Announce New Names and Events for 2018

As if the Bluedot Festival wasn’t eclectic enough, the team have made further updates to their already impressive lineup. The unique location is an obvious catalyst for the approach and themes explored over the weekend and this has resulted in the tantalising prospect of a new ‘In Conversation’ slot featuring Professor Tim OBrien, Associate Director Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics getting metaphysical with none other than The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne.

The organisers have also provided the full lineup for the new Roots Stage. Although the artists may not be household names, there is an opportunity to become a global musical pioneer as your time at the stage will “feature stunning music from South Asia, some of the most exciting emerging urban jazz talents, and a programme of afro-caribbean grooves.” Details can be found here.

Additional musical acts have also been added demonstrating the vast smorgasboard of genres on offer over the weekend. You’ll get your dubstep from JP Huzzlea spaced out synth masterclass from Meteor Musikcool, new indie from Night Flowers, an intriguing space brew of alt-pop and trip-hop from Gymnast, Moog and beats from International Teachers of Pop and improvisational keyboardist Tom Rogerson.

New comedy acts have also been finalised including Paul Currie, The Delightful Sausage, Kemah Bob, Foxdog Studios, Amy Gledhill, Neil Harris, Danny McLoughlin, Simon Lomas, Kate McCabeand Tom Taylor.

With all this magnificence taking place under the watchful eye of the Lovell Telescope, you’d be mad to miss it. Tickets, including Thursday evening tickets where you will witness a unique screening of The Blue Planet in Concert with the Halle Orchestra can be found here.