Skittering beats and hovering synths work to build a luscious soundscape for HANĀ‘s poppy melodies on new track ‘Traitors’, with the video premiering below today on TMB. Looking into the human emotions of radicalisation, its conscious lyrics are reliably insightful from the young artist, who despite her age is carving a niche for politically charged pop.

On the topic of the song’s content, HANĀ adds: ‘It’s a song about how a young man was manipulated into a terrorist organisation with promises of god and glory. The lyrics say how he is brainwashed by carrying out cruel acts of terrorism for the wrong reasons; only to later realise the true consequences of his actions. I wrote this song because I wanted to show the act of terrorism from a different perspective – there’s always a different side to every story!’

The video for ‘Traitors is premiering below. More music from HANĀ is set to follow in the summer.