What’s New? Silverbacks – Dunkirk

Building from a taut surf-punk riff and climaxing in a sunny, math-rock melange, the new track from Dublin’s Silverbacks is a menacing step into sordid sophistication. Frontman Daniel O’Kelly is Lou Reed with an Irish lilt, as the dark humour of his lyrics bleed through into the spiky guitars and nagging bass.

Produced by Girl Band‘s Daniel Fox, the band add: “The song is about a character who is questioning the life they have been dealt. They find themselves in a near, dystopian future where Dunkirk, despite its history, has become a built-up holiday destination for young families.”

An intriguing narrative paired with an even more intriguing soundtrack, ‘Dunkirk’ is a masterful play from the young band. We can’t wait to see where they head next.