Album Review: Lachlan Denton – Two Months in Ben Woolley’s Room

Words by Gabriela Montiel

Lachlan Denton’s single ‘Close’ was an intimate introduction to his solo work. His new debut album Two Months In Ben Woolley’s Room gives us a broader spectrum of his musical capabilities and inclinations. His bright guitar and tender love ballads are reminiscent of influences like The Go-Betweens, Teenage Fanclub and Velvet Crush. On the album Denton shares a candid reflection after ending an eight-year relationship. After the breakup, Denton sublet a friend’s apartment, Ben Woolley. While Woolley was away on tour Denton created his debut album in his friend’s tiny room, as seen on the album cover.

Lachlan Denton - Two Months In Ben Woolley's Room

Although I’m sure the breakup affected Denton, he did not create the typical breakup album. After the breakup Denton met someone new, and he was “totally smitten and had a lot of time to drink and write love songs.” Instead this album is full of love songs, but love songs where melancholy lies just beneath the surface. There are other songs that are much overtly sombre. On ‘Drinking’ Denton sings “you’re the only one who can stop me from drowning myself tonight, darling I need your advice.” Although these are love songs, we must place them in context. These love songs are about about opening yourself up to being vulnerable again, letting go of the fear of possible rejection, letting someone new into your life.

Listen to Dachlan’s debut and allow yourself to be lured in by sincerity.