Live Review: Jay Som – Deaf Institute – 12/06/2018

In a wave of new indie talent rising out of America, one name that seems to be on most people’s lips is that of Jay Som. The project from multi-instrumentalist Melina Duterte of Californian origin who began sharing her music via MySpace, returned to the UK with a debut album ‘Everybody Works’ under her belt, raring to go.

Duterte and co brought with them Lazy Day, a stunning, young band from London who are making waves across the country. Their slacker styled indie-rock complimented the evening extremely well. Catchy, jangly indie that is seemingly fresh, inviting and full of character, songs such as ‘Hiccup’ bring a dreamy yet loud vibe to the table, with almost grunge-shoegaze elements being floated about in their dreamy styles.  Their unique chemistry on stage was lovely to see: four friends, rocking out, giving it their all. Constant smiles of youthful individuals make Lazy Day a thrilling new act who I am sure you will hear more of in the coming months.

An artist who has risen with the likes of Soccer Mommy, Snail Mail and more, Jay Som took to the stage with her feel-good, groovy bedroom-pop. Opening her set with a much older song, ‘Turn Into’ (one of three singles from Duterte’s Bandcamp album of the same name), the energetic and fuzzieness of the song brought an angelic opening to the set. ‘O.K., Meet Me Underwater’ further grasped her jangly style. The B-side from her latest single ‘Pirouette’ is equally as beautiful. Beautifully layered harmonies which encourage the busy Deaf Institute to sing along in full spirit.

Everybody Works was an excellent moment from a musical perspective last year and she showcases brief moments from that record tonight. The danceable, poppier track ‘One More Time, Please’ enticed sweet grooves and atmospherics bringing a mixture of that slacker sound as well as her refreshed indie-pop. One of the stand out tracks from her eccentric debut record, ‘The Bus Song’, beautifully layered instrumental moments which fluttered around the room. One of the more delicate moments of the night was ‘I Think You’re Alright’ (a firm favourite of mine). The track was played at a slightly slower tempo and dedicated to the support band Lazy Day. Its emotion-led vocals and softer jangly chords made it a brilliant offering from the band. The powerful crescendo at the end of the song of chaotic guitars implied that Jay Som can stretch their sound to much heavier moments yet keep that iconic indie sound.

New single ‘Pirouette’ would be the final sing along of the night. A steady yet hard-hitting performance of calming and thumping indie-rock, Jay Som’s dreamy presence was surly notified with this instant hit. A glorious and euphoric instrumental conclusion towards the end of the song was the perfect way to sign off.  The cascade of dreamy guitars made Jay Som’s presence certainly known in a beautifully stunning way.

Images: Piran Aston – see more in our gallery here.