What’s New? Kevin Taylor – 100%

Known most prominently for being part of South London collective House of Pharaohs, Kevin Taylor is less often in the limelight than some of his peers, but this new single deservedly brings his ingenuity to the forefront of the nation’s minds. Being one of the few members of HOP that can perfectly execute a verse AND a chorus, we were intrigued to see what this slice of solo material would bring, and rightly so.

‘100%’ is a short but delightfully sweet track unlike anything else we’ve heard recently. Beginning with a reverb-ridden lethargic guitar line, Taylor’s vocals comes in equally quiet and understated luring the listener into a false sense of security until the beat kicks in and the volume shoots up. The melancholic tones of this unique instrumental pair perfectly with the conflicting moods of making sure to give ‘100%’ whilst not necessarily feeling emotionally up to the task.

If this track is anything to go by, Kevin Taylor is very much one to watch. Listen below: