What’s New? Robin Kester – Lost For A Day

Delicate acoustic guitars herald the entrance of yet another Dutch act ready to breakthrough onto the world stage, following in the footsteps of Canshaker Pi, Iguana Death Cult and Pip Blom: Utrecht’s Robin Kester. Despite the former acts’ taste for dirty riffs, Kester hails from a heritage of enigmatic, dreamy folk-pop.

Casting gorgeous melodies over luscious production, Kester’s voice is hypnotic and beguiling on new single ‘Lost For A Day’. Shuffling drums soon arrive to add a further texture to the transfixing tale, unfurled in such bewitching style it could read like a captivating short story. Released alongside a loveable animated video, it’s an exciting first step for such a clearly talented new act, calling back to Lucy Rose and Joanna Newsom.