What’s New? black midi – bmbmbm

Boasting bass to shatter windows, mysterious 4-piece black midi finally surface from the swamps of South London to cough up chewy debut single, ‘bmbmbm’. Indebted to few that have come before, the new track arrives via label extraordinaire Speedy Wunderground, cooked up in just a few hours in keeping with boss (and producer) Dan Carey’s ethos.

Grafting that ominous thudding to absurdist David Byrne-esque lyrics, swirling white noise and the occasional racket, ‘bmbmbm’ finally shows off the talented quartet that, until now, had only been excitedly hyped in hushed tones. The self-christened new genre of math-noise is finally open for business and serving something for everyone – try and get through the rest of today without singing ‘she moves with a purpose’ if you think there’s a poverty of pop appeal.


Lead image: Jack Greeley-Ward