PREMIERE: My Sad Captains – Destination Memory

Releasing their fourth record, Sun Bridge, last year, London 5-piece My Sad Captains craft swirling, hypnotic pop from dynamic and expansive textures. Arguably a stand-out from the new album is ‘Destination Memory’, for which TMB has the pleasure of premiering a new video directed by Morgan Foye. Built around a simple guitar loop, the track builds slowly into a tender post-rock masterpiece, adorned with resplendent and surging harmonies.

We caught up with Ed from the band to find out a little more about the track, their new line up and their plans for the rest of the year.

My Sad Captains

How did you guys get together for this album?

We’ve been at this for a while – Sun Bridge is our fourth record – but it’s also something of a new beginning as it’s been the first with a new line up. I’ve always wanted to play with friends first and foremost, people I have a good connection with. So after a couple of original members left over the course of touring our previous record, it was a case of thinking of people I knew and liked and who I thought would add something cool to the song sketches I had. And luckily the people I could think of were into the idea.

What’s the track about?

‘Destination Memory’ is the process of remembering what you’ve told someone. So the song takes that idea and loops it round until it becomes about repeating past mistakes. It builds gradually from an ambient guitar loop, with lots of different sonic layers and melodic ideas weaving in and out of each other.

How did you get the video together?

It was made a friend of ours called Morgan Foye. He saw the song as having dream-like qualities and so knitted a surreal visual collage of experiences to it. There’s quite a lot of scope in the song, so as Morgan put it, he explored “a psychedelia-tinged journey of memory and place using VHS, digital and image manipulation.”

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

We’re playing some shows with the Sea and Cake, which I’m excited about because I really like the band. We’re at the Moth Club in London on 5 June and at the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds on 6 June – which also happen to be two of my favourite venues. Then, we’re playing Latitude in July. Never played there before so that should be fun. And after that… We’ll see what’s next.

Find the video for Destination Memory premiering below. Sun Bridge is out now via Bella Union.