(Mini-)Album Review: Team Picture – Recital

Team Picture have been one of TMB’s faves for some time now and the time has finally come for Leeds sextet to release their debut (mini-)album. It can only be described as an exciting, eclectic album that oozes with energy and variety. Packed with a range of different styles, Team Picture excel in variety, with songs like ‘Potpourri Headache’ reminiscing the shoe-gaze era and ‘Classic: M’ alternatively showcasing loud lo-fi kicks and punches.

Team Picture - Recital artwork

Opener ‘(I Have A) Little Secret’’s melody and percussion are soft and gentle, yet synths and distorted vocals embody the track with similar vibes to the Pet Shop Boys. The track is carried through by euphoric backing vocals that whisper and hallow throughout. ‘Strange Year’ is more upbeat and optimistic. The vocals take more of a forefront in the track in comparison to past releases from Team Picture, adding an immense sense of catchiness. The synths are wonky and a total guitar reverie. The album is capturing something the music scene has been missing.

‘Weird Movements’ adds another element of versatility to the mini-album. Team Picture effortlessly enrapture 80s dream-pop vibes with dramatic vocals that we so rarely hear kicking about in the dream-pop scene. The guitar is dirtier and grittier whilst simultaneously being upbeat and lively. The underlying wonky synths tie this track in with the tracks prior to it, making the listening experience of the album immensely pleasurable. ‘Theme from Flint’ is a corker of a track, totalling 7 and a half minutes. The intro oozes in dreamy reverb and is accompanied by a quick and snappy percussion and a cacophony of electronic synths.

A turning point in the album comes in the form of ‘I Want Your (Life Hack)’. After such a reverie, the listening is dunked into loud drums and heavier guitar. The vocals are full of angst and are a massive contrast to the New-Romantic vibes previously used in the prior tracks. It’s a perfect example of the versatility and eclecticism of Team Picture. It’s aspirational and addictive as a listener.

Recital is an album that seems to be two contrasting genres knocking at one another’s doors. New Romantic dream-pop battles with the distortion and white noise of lo-fi punk, yet does so in such a perfect and effortless way. The album is something different and that no other band offers. It’s a loud statement from Team Picture and is totally impressive.