10 Unmissable Acts to See at Sounds From The Other City 2018

We’ve not been quiet about how wonderful Sounds From The Other City is over the last few years. May Bank Holiday Sunday in Salford with an insane variety of not just music, but performance art, special events and crazy after-parties creates a unique experience like no other. So with our favourite festival of the year fast approaching (don’t tell the others!), we’re picking out our top 10 recommendations of new music to check out on the day… Good luck avoiding clashes.


Suzi Wu

BAND ON THE WALL @ fivefourstudios 1 // 8PM

Suzi is undeniably an artist to watch out for. Her debut Teenage Witch EP is filled top to bottom with subdued angst, captivating vocal melodies and obvious inner strength. The beginning of top track ‘Taken Care Of’ should be enough to reel you in with her brilliantly sarcastic tones: “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, the guys are fuckboys, girls are sluuuts … is that good enough?”.


STRANGE DAYS @ The Old Pint Pot – Upstairs // 20:15PM

YOWL grabbed TMB’s attention a while back with the release of ‘Saturday Drag’ – a drawling yet feisty 5-and-a-half-minute expression of the week’s melancholia. Now with many more sultry tracks under their belt, including brand new single Warm (in the Soft White Fire of Modern Living), there’s no excuse to not be upstairs at the Pint Pot at quarter past 8 on Sunday.


NOW WAVE @ Unit 4 Regents Trading Estate // 7PM

Side project of TMB favourite Jerkcurb, Horsey are a band rarely seen outside the capital. A treat to have them in our other city, they’ll undoubtedly be performing an array of anthems wrought with delicate percussion, passionate vocals and harmonies to tingle your inner eardrums. Watch out for ‘Weeping’, both musically and physically (from joy after watching this set).

Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS?

HEY! MANCHESTER @ St Philip’s Church // 8:15PM

Best name ever? You’d be correct. Just as awesome music to go with it? Correct again! You’re getting the hang of this. Expect boundless energy, bountiful basslines and hints of sexy synths in this set from the newest Finns on the block. Get down to some Scandi sounds – try and hunt out their favourite video if you get the chance.


NOW WAVE @ Unit 4 Regents Trading Estate // 4:30PM

Leeds is thriving at the moment and Mush are one of the best to emerge from the city. Blending US slacker riffs with deadpan British humour, recent single ‘Luxury Animals’ had us going clamouring for more, and live might be the best place to get your fill. Expect chaos à la Parquet Courts or Pavement but with a distinctly northern character – they might sound of American origin but the quartet could never abandon their fruitful hometown.


TRU LUV @ fivefourstudios 2 // 7PM

Just a short journey away from the lands of Salford, fresh new act Chrystal originates from the dark horse of Manchester – Bolton. She’ll be bringing her attitude to fivefourstudios on Sunday and we can’t wait. Her single ‘2 Real’ took us by storm with its effortless hook and impressively powerful pop appeal. Watch out for this one.

Team Picture

MARKET @ The Old Pint Pot – Downstairs // 8:45PM

These Leeds favourites never fail to disappoint, and especially live, we can expect an assortment of on-stage decoration to go with their decorative tunes. They’re been throwing out brilliant tracks full of strong guitar leads and singalong chants over the last couple of months so you’ll have plenty to get your ears into before their set.


STRANGE DAYS @ The Old Pint Pot – Upstairs // 10:30PM

Named after a Chinese supermarket in Manchester, W.H. Lung know how to keep it real. Despite only a couple of single releases so far, the band have turned heads with their wide-reaching sound which stretches from rhytmic kraut-synth to shimmering shoegaze. 10.30pm is their’s for the taking – make sure you’re along for the ride.


HEAVENLY RECORDINGS @ Unit 2 Regents Trading Estate // 6:15PM

Heavenly never fail to bring an incredible array of acts to their SFTOC. This year, the highlight has to be recent signing Hatchie – an Australian act with huge potential. Superbly crafted, shimmering songs that contain the perfect combination of dreamy indie and pop sentiments. Don’t sleep on this.


NOW WAVE @ Unit 4 Regents Trading Estate // 8:15PM

They’ve just signed to Domino Records, so this may be your last chance to catch them in an intimate setting. The London 4-piece seem to be releasing one intimate slice of guitar greatness after another and will no doubt leave you pining for more after a live set.

And after…?

And for late night antics? Head over to The Salford Arms for Homerpalooza. There isn’t anything quite like The Simpsons, and Thirsty Girls Collective are hosting an afterparty in its honour. Expect to hear music from the show throughout the night!

Or try out Night Fantasy at The Old Pint Pot, the classic Salford aftershow destination and will killer DJs all night.


Check out the full poster below.