Interview: A Conversation with The Old Pink House

We continually support the North-East on TMB. Partly because we love to support the North but mainly because there are just so many great bands from that area we’d be foolish to ignore them! Latest on the rise is The Old Pink House, a 4-piece who deal in killer hooks and supreme songwriting for the indie kid in the know. Not afraid to speak their mind (as shown on single Neck Deep) and ready to step up their game, they join local pals and our previous interviewees The Pale White on our stage this Saturday for Live at Leeds festival. Get to know and then head to Nation of Shopkeepers @ 6pm to catch their set…


How’s it going guys?
We’re great, cheers!


For those who don’t know, where are you from and how did you meet?
We’re from Newcastle – the band started with me just writing and recording crappy home demos for a few months after my previous band broke up. Max was the drummer in that band, so once I felt like I had something to work with he got involved. We knew the other guys via friends of friends and generally just people in the Newcastle music scene.


There’s a great scene of bands from your area that’s only getting better and better. Why do you think that’s the case?
I think there’s been a lot of talent bubbling under the surface for a long time up here, and as we’re quite remote from the typical ‘music centres’ in the UK like London or Manchester, we quite often get overlooked. I think after a while though, when there’s so much quality music being produced, it gets impossible to ignore.




We loved the new single ‘Expectations’ and the artwork makeover. What made you go for the bright yellow to set off this new era of TOPH?
Thanks! We’ve previously only released singles and we felt like this batch of songs that forms our upcoming debut EP really needed to coexist with one another under the umbrella of one piece of work which has an overall theme. We really wanted it to be bright and visually striking, and to reflect our sound in some ways, so all the releases leading up to the EP and the EP itself are all tied together with the yellow theme.


What’ve you been up to recently in the lead up to festival season?
We’ve just started getting out and playing the new tracks from the EP live – we just opened for Little Comets at the 02 Academy in Newcastle, which was a crazy experience. I think most of us saw our first ever gigs there, so to play that stage was nuts.


What can we expect from your set on our stage at Nation of Shopkeepers?
Tons of groove.


Have you played in Leeds before? Any happy memories?
We’ve had some of our best shows in Leeds. Our first time was playing The Church, which is probably one of our favourite venues we’ve played. We supported Anteros last year and the crowd there was amazing. Can’t wait to come back.


Are you going to be seeing any other acts at Live at Leeds this year? Who are you looking forward to?
Well we’re excited to be sharing a stage with our mates in The Pale White, who are always something to behold live. The lineup is pretty mad, so I doubt we’ll catch everyone we want to see, but definitely Spring King, Sam Fender and Anteros if we can.


Any other “new” acts you’d recommend to check out?
They’re already well on their way up, but we love Yonaka. We’ve also been digging the new EP from fellow geordies Penguin. ‘Get Me Out’ is a massive tune.


Your new single ‘Jaded’ came out yesterday, what’s it about?
Like most of our songs, it’s sort of a self-examination. Musically we’re quite sunny and groovy but I feel like lyrically our music is very dark and quite cynical. I like the idea that people will draw their own meanings from the lyrics, but the central question of how and why people become so bitter and weathered by their experiences is the main undercurrent running through the song.


How does it fit in with your most recent run of singles?
We saw this EP as an opportunity to break to some degree from what we’ve done before and create one complete piece of work as opposed to another run of singles, which is pretty much the norm these days. Jaded and Expectations very much co-exist with the other songs on the EP and they all sort of fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. I think when the EP is out and people can listen to the song in the context of the release they will hear how these songs all sit together and complement one another.


What’s coming up for you guys in the rest of 2018?
We’ve just announced our biggest hometown headline yet at The Cluny on 18 August to celebrate the release of our EP, which we can’t wait for. We’ve got some more exciting stuff coming up which we can’t share yet…


And finally, If everyone could know just one thing about The Old Pink House, what would you want it to be?
That we’re dead nice.