What’s New? PLAZA – In The Know

If you’ve been following Too Many Blogs for a while, you’ll know we’re big fans of Hartlepool boys PLAZA and of Leeds indie Clue Records. So the news that they have come together as an ultimate tour de force is very exciting. Exciting for the North, and soon the world.

PLAZA’s first release via Clue is new single ‘In The Know’ – a real step up for the 4 youngsters. While maintaining their ‘post-indie’ sound, the boys continue to show their versatility with each release. Just as soon as vocalist Brad Lennard has lured you into a false sense of security with a soothing tone throughout the verse, the drums and bass smash in to create PLAZA’s heaviest chorus to date. I challenge you to not be screaming “it’s like I’m stuck in the know, just when I need it the most” for days on end.

According to the band, the track is about “When you feel like the world is watching you, and that you know too much – it’s all going to turn out okay in the end”. So take that sentiment, and dive into one of PLAZA’s best tracks to date…




Lead photo: Adam Gofton