What’s New? A Guide to Live at Leeds 2018

We here at Too Many Blogs fully believe that finding your favourite new artist to become obsessed with is the best thing in the world. So to help you in that mission, we’ve picked some of the best new acts on the Live at Leeds line up this year – and detailed when and where you can check them out. So go ahead! Dive in!




12pm @ The Chapel

Since signing to Heavenly Recordings and releasing their debut album ‘Silver Dollar Moment’ the way has only been up for this burgeoning 3-piece. It’s pretty impossible to not have a good time at an Orielles gig (we speak from experience) so you may as well take our word for it and head to the Chapel to start your day off right!




1pm @ Nation of Shopkeepers (Too Many Blogs Stage)

There was a perfect era of folk pop a couple of years ago that seems to coming around again. I’d bet my money on KAWALA being one of the bands to front that stampede. Excellent songwriting, irrestistably catchy tunes and an insane stage presence – you’d be a fool to miss out on this early afternoon slice of joy.





2pm @ Nation of Shopkeepers (Too Many Blogs Stage)

With only a couple of tracks released so far, there’s an incomprehensible amount of hype around this new artist. Passionate and punchy love songs in a power pop style brought to life by Moncrieff’s strong as hell vocal leaves nothing left to be desired. There’s a lot to come from him but for now, check him out live and see it for yourself. Moncrieff also did his own guide to Live at Leeds 2018 for us, check out his recommendations here.





3:30pm @ Brudenell Community Room (DIY NEU Stage)

Canadian youngster Boniface has really come on in strides since we first discovered him supporting fellow LaL-performers ALASKALASKA at their debut London show in October. His debut track ‘I Will Not Return As A Tourist’ grabbed us immediately, this has serious potential. Then inevitably new single ‘Phantom Limbs’ is possibly even better. You’d be silly to sleep on this genius sweet spot of indie.





4:15pm @ The Wardrobe

Debut single ‘Pockets’ lit the fire in the hearts of kids around the country. Sparse instrumental of guitars, drums and wee bit o’trumpet escalate into a truly uplifting moment of musical creativity. Debut mixtape ‘Creature Habits’ followed quite recently, full of even more nonchalantly unique and expressive mixes of indie and hints of hip-hop.





5pm @ Headrow House (NME Stage)

If I’d known of Bakar in December he’d easily be one of my Ones to Watch for 2018. Sharp drum tones and reverb-ridden guitars set a brilliant base for his swift vocal delivery and killer songs. ‘Million Miles‘ was an immediate smash at TMB HQ, but new single ‘All In’ will undoubtedly be a great live hit – so check it out below. We would recommend quickly following this up with the rest of his music, you won’t regret it.





5:30pm @ Brudenell Community Room (DIY NEU Stage)

We fell head over heels for ALASKALASKA last year with the release of their debut single ‘Bitter Winter’ and they’ve not stopped impressing since. New single ‘Meateater’ is an undeniably sublime track that you’ll just want to hit repeat on again and again. Guitar music is screaming out for individuality and uniqueness in this time, and if that’s what you’re looking for, ALASKALASKA should be top of your list.





7:30pm @ Brudenell Community Room (DIY NEU Stage)

Insanely great new artist from London dropped her debut Teenage Witch EP last year and it’s a bloody thriller. 4 killer tracks, highlights, of course, being ‘Teenage Witch’ and the unstoppable ‘Taken Care Of’. Give this gal a go and head to the Brudenell for a brilliant evening of female angst.





8:30pm @ Brudenell Community Room (DIY NEU Stage)

Seriously one of the most underrated talents around right now, Benny Mails leaves no stone unturned when it comes to a live show OR his records. His latest project ‘Aware, The Mixtape.’ is 20 minutes of thought-provoking modern hip-hop with electronic tinges and even features TMB favourite Marika Hackman. You’ll regret missing Benny, serious.





11:00pm @ The Chapel

2 friends making music together is a trickier task than it may seem, and sometimes that comes across in the art produced. However, London duo WOWH make such strong synth-led poppy tunes you’d think they came out of the womb grooving. Both multi-instrumentalists and producers in their own right, there is so much more to come from these two, I’m sure of it.