What’s New? Llovers – A Second With You

Since we premiered their debut single, Llovers have released a myriad of killer singles and performed alongside some of the scene’s finest. ‘A Second With You’ is the latest heady blend from Teessiders, it’s almost like it’s been concocted by a generous music wizard, the aural equivalent of dollops of sugar and fizzes and rainbows. Glistening guitars and synths combine with blissed-out vocals to leave summer’s indie kids weak at the knees.

Co-frontman Jack Brooks says “I think most people my age romanticise so many things. The intention of the track was to celebrate the positively naïve nature of youth, while also poking fun at the reality of the outcome.” But this is a song to just be enjoyed, not thought about too much. Lovely stuff.

Listen to ‘A Second With You’ for more than a second below: