What’s New? Pizzagirl – Seabirds

DIY to the core, that’s the way we like our music and that pretty much sums up Liverpool’s Pizzagirl. His mum takes his press shots and his best mate shoots his videos but other than that, he plays, records and produces everything at home in his bedroom/studio. Also known as the ‘Beatzeria’. That pun is so good it’s surely impossible the music can live up to the standard, but don’t worry, it so does.

Starting off with a gorgeous electronic beat and subtle melody, Pizzagirl’s vocal comes in loud and strong, none of this hazy lyric-less mumbling that dream-pop often displays. Musically, Pizzagirl channels “80s electronica and late 90s internet culture” however lyrically he reflects artists more in the vein of US lo-fi indie such as Alex G or Frankie Cosmos.

This is certainly not one to miss out on, and if you like this, the debut EP from Pizzagirl is out today. What a treat.

Check out ‘Seabirds’ below. ‘An Extended Play’ is out now via Heist or Hit – listen here.