What’s New? Cagework – Simmer

‘Simmer’, the debut single from recent Brixton pilgrim Cagework – Samuel Bedford to his friends – is a charming prospect even before first listen: “I wrote it a year or so ago, at a time when I was in a weird living situation and my friendship group was dissolving around me. I actually tried to pitch it for a Netflix drama but it was quickly brushed over,” Bedford explains.

It might lure you into misinterpreting it as that special strain of tech-slack that Pavement were revered for on ‘5-4=Unity’ were it not for the passion in its performance, which paints ‘Simmer’ in the service of the gutsiest power pop. Bedford’s rich, coarse baritone does all the work of a gang shout as it rides his deft guitar playing; the rhythm section anchors its frenetic polyrhythms firmly to the hooks which, for the record, are as hooky as they come.

Early comparisons to everyone from Alex G to WU LYF go some way in illustrating how high expectations have been set by Simmer, though for the same reasons, what to expect afterwards is impossible to know.