What’s New? Her’s – Love on the Line (Call Now)

We loved Songs of Her’s as much as the next guy and had it on repeat possibly too much, but since then we’ve still just been dribbling at the mouth, simply salivating for more. And luckily for us (and you), the dreamy duo that is Her’s have returned with the first single from their upcoming debut album.

Beginning with a static dial tone, ‘Love on the Line (Call Now)’ almost immediately gets going with classic sickly sweet guitar tones and agile basslines. “I’ll be waiting on the end of the line, all I want is for you to be mine” vocalist Ste echoes poignantly in his delicate falsetto before his low range comes in to take over the verse. The vast amount of tones and textures displayed by just two guys and a couple of instruments is astounding. This Liverpool duo just keep getting better and better.

Listen to Love on the Line (Call Now) below: