What’s New? Tropic – No Cigar

We’ve been telling you for a while now: Bristol is the place to be when it comes to new music. Be it Idles, leading the fore with their angry, political aural assault, or Lice with their ramshackle post-punk invective, the south-west city is a melting pot of talent at the moment.

And now, scrawling their names in elaborate and illegible cursive at the end of a long list, are young trio Tropic. Second single ‘No Cigar’ is a sprawling genre-trip, tipping the hat to both rockabilly and jazz in one swift, sweeping motion. Ignoring convention and streaking through tempo and style, the three-piece start out a high-school prom band meandering through a loose, shuffling ballad before storming into a Latin-punk thrashing complete with cowbell – and then remarkably flipping again, back into teenage crooners in oversized suits pining miserably for a end-of-night snog.

Demonstrating a whip-smart mastery of their instruments and a musical maturity beyond their meagre years, it’s a scalding slice of scrawny, sharp art-punk to soundtrack the struggle for seduction. Will any of Tropic’s fellow Bristolians match their plucky paragon? They might come close, but… Well. It’s no cigar.