A Conversation With Django Django

Django Django have seen their star rising since the release of their Mercury-nominated self-titled debut, with the peak of their career so far coming in third album Marble Skies. TMB caught up with the London 4-piece for a quick email thread, mid-EU tour ahead of returning back to home territory next week. Expect tales of stage invasions, lottery numbers and losing band members on route to Europe.

Hey, how are you? Been up to much?

Hey, we’re good thanks. Yeah, we’re sat backstage before our show in Copenhagen in a few hours at the moment. We started our UK/European tour at the end of Feb and will be away now until April and then over to the US.

What did you enjoy most about different recording process for Marble Skies? What was your favourite effect of that on the material?

We had our own studio this time round which gave us a bit more control over the record. I think having control meant that we could have more fun with it too – I guess we could just mess about with ideas without worrying about time and money being spent on a massive studio. I think it shows too, listening back to Marble Skies – to me it definitely feels much lighter and fun.

How was it bringing in outside influences while you were beginning work on the album?

Yeah, it was great. We were just chatting about how nice it was having Anna [Prior, Metronomy] playing drums in those first few weeks of jamming. Having someone who is removed from the band and a little less precious is a big help in just being able to get ideas down quickly, whether they were crap or not, it didn’t really matter. It was just great hitting the record button and playing, which is something we don’t do much.

How have you been enjoying playing the new songs live? Has it been challenging?

It’s been a much easier process this time round for sure. I think we spent more time playing songs in a live room whilst recording which we didn’t do much in the past. So that meant when it came to rehearsing we already had an idea of how we were going to tackle the tracks live. It’s just been great playing the new tracks live.

‘Marble Skies’ and ‘Tic Tac Toe’ are really fun to play and as soon as you feel that, it’ll translate to the audience. ‘Sun Dials’ has been a good one to get in there too. We pulled ‘Surface to Air’ apart and built it back up with a new drum pattern which has been fun.

Which of songs are your favourites (or least favourite) to play live?

‘Waveforms’ is a long running fave for me. We’ve struggled with a few tracks in the past, not quite getting it right live but it’s always about tinkering away until it feels better. ‘WOR’ is really good fun, kind of chaotic but great to play live. ‘Marble Skies’ at the moment for me is a great way to start the set, plenty of energy which is important.

Have you had any strange experiences on tour in the past?

We left Tommy on the ferry the other day. We had a stage invader who was wearing a full face mask, he took it off on stage but looked identical to the mask he was wearing which completely freaked me out.

I’ve read that you prefer being in the studio rather than playing live – could you ever see yourself as solely a studio band in the future?

To be honest, I think we all prefer different aspects of making music and touring it. By the time we finish a record we’re all ready to get out of the studio and tour again. I think we prefer the creativity that comes with being in the studio writing and recording but I definitely think we all like touring. Dave maybe less so but being on a bus for a month at a time can get pretty claustrophobic.

Are there any new bands that you’re enjoying at the moment that you can recommend?

Manuela are great. We’re touring with a band called Man Of Moon who are amazing. I’m listening to Bas Jan‘s new record a lot too.

Are there any questions you’ve never been asked but always wanted to answer?

‘I have this weeks winning lottery numbers, would you like them?’ would be one. Plenty of questions I’d rather not have been asked…no one’s ever asked me about the amateur wrestling competitions I used to compete in. That would be one topic :-/

Thanks guys!

Marble Skies is out now. The band are currently on tour, UK dates below.



20 – Rescue Rooms, Nottingham
21 – O2 Ritz, Manchester
23 – Printworks, London
24 – SWX, Bristol
26 – SWG3, Glasgow
27 – Tivoli, Dublin