What’s New? Charismatic Megafauna – Sorry

Starting with a simple shaker, the opening to the new single from London trio Charismatic Megafauna is deceptively sparse considering the carnage to follow. The rattlesnake rhythm is eventually fleshed out by all three on drums (or drum variants) and an enchanting call-to-war based on a Donald Trump comment, delivered with gleeful revolt. Spiralling into ever more intricate patterns, and escalating to a delightfully intense delivery, ‘Sorry’ is, as the 3-piece call it, ‘party music for politically-minded people’ and rightfully ends in an excellent synth wig-out.

Deliberately setting a strict and challenging frame for their work (three drummers doesn’t suggest the most melodious band), the video followed similar guidelines with director Alexis Dirks filming them in limited spaces and documenting their reactions. The first taste of a debut album, Charismatic Megafauna have nothing to apologise for despite the high-spirited hell they’ve inspired – they know it, and now we do too.

Semi-Regular is released 13th April and available to pre-order here.


Lead photo: Kate Bones