What’s New? M.I.C – Qway

Mic / Micantifa / The Master of Inane Conversation – Lamar may be a man of many names but don’t let that distract from the wonders within his music.

Intense, eye-opening and personal – ‘Qway’ is a deep dive into the mind of our protagonist. A protagonist coming to terms with the multitude of issues life insists on throwing their way ranging between mental health, love, friendship, growing up, poverty and race. A delicately sparse electronic beat pushes the vivid lyrics of this progressive/alternative grime to the forefront, demanding that you listen “You don’t know my past, I wanted to be, light skinned not dark”.

Qway is the first single from upcoming EP ‘Heaven Is Black’ via Polarface Records. Plus head to the launch show at Camden Assembly in April.