What’s New? BBXO – Hard Road To Travel

It’s not often you receive music from a brand new artist with a seal of approval from both Kate Tempest and global nice-guy Ed Sheeran. But that’s inexplicably the case with a new project from London-native poet Musa Okwanga & Krisz Kreuszer – a strong set of references for Berlin-based duo BBXO.

The pair met after working together on a number of projects, and decided to team up with the aim of creating songs that explored urban sociopolitical issues of struggle, love and friendship in a powerful and distinctive way. The aim of the collaboration is to portray a message and ideology within a vessel of contemporary and accessible pop production: altruistic lyrical content with worldwide musical appeal.

Krisz (formerly of urban-blues outfit Brixtonboogie) heads up the production and composition of the project while Musa takes lead on the lyrics and vocal performance. The project was launched with a performance at the British Council Literature Festival in Berlin at the start of the year and they’ll be headlining Berlin’s first-ever festival for African Literature in April.

All in all, exciting times for the experienced musicians developing a new brand. The new single ‘Hard Road to Travel’ gives a powerful and intriguing insight into the musical experience of both artists. Seamlessly bringing electronica, urban, blues and soul music to the party and with a spoken-word element that’s truly unique, BBXO have big things ahead.