Speedy Ortiz charm with ‘Lucky 88’, announce new album

Speedy Ortiz have announced details of upcoming third album Twerp Verse alongside sharing a new track, ‘Lucky 88’. Following 2015’s Foil Deer, the new album looks set to continue their scrappy brand of protest after binning an album’s worth of ‘lovey dovey’ songs in the wake of Trump’s election.

The new single, accompanied by a slimy clip from Emily Yoshida, is reliably catchy, powered by shuffling drums, power-pop guitar lines and a rousing chorus. Main songwriter Sadie Dupuis’ last solo project Sad13 seems to have had some influence on the band with the 2016 project’s squelching synths closing in on the otherwise analogue instruments.

Twerp Verse is expected April 27th via Carpark Records. Pre-order here. Watch the new video for ‘Lucky 88’ below.


Speedy Ortiz - Twerp Verse artwork