What’s New? Tony Njoku – Remain Calm

Hypnotic, aggressive, swampy, delicate: there’s little left to say of the masterful Tony Njoku that we haven’t said before. The new track, ‘Remain Calm’, arrives alongside the announcement of second album HPAC, due at the end of April. The first taste opens with an irresistible drum loop spiralling around alien noise until Njoku’s distinctive voice eventually pierces the dense sonic tapestry.

The sinister synths soon begin to swell again – the track climaxes in a crowning apocalypse of violent bass, starry arpeggios and snapping drum breaks. Morphing and mutating like a fierce wrestle with demons, it’s hard to maintain any sense of self-control with HPAC on the horizon. Remain calm? Impossible.

HPAC releases 27th April via Silent Kid Records. Catch the last time we spoke with Tony here.