What’s New? MOLD – Puppet Master

MOLD have arrived. The Manchester post-punk 4-piece enter 2018 with a bang as they release debut single ‘Puppet Master’ – 3 minutes of violent, disordered, industrial punk rock.

Consisting of erratic guitars bouncing off each other just below a stream of drawling, politically charged lyrics and a steady rhythm section, the group create an atmosphere of severe discomfort and primal anger on ‘Puppet Master’.  After meandering through verses and chorus, the song builds to a chaotic bridge before a complete free-for-all begins. Discordant guitar scales fight their way through a wall of maddening vocals and uncontrollable synths culminating in a riotous ending to an anarchic post-punk track.

‘Puppet Master’ is a dark reading into the brain-washing ideology we find forced upon us daily and has ranked the quartet as a divisive musical force to be reckoned with in 2018.  Claiming to be here to do away with any staleness in the music scene, MOLD are off to a strong start in 2018 and we look forward to hearing more from the Northern post-punk outfit.

MOLD play Manchester’s Soup Kitchen on 24th February.