Anteros – Jimmy’s, Manchester – 04/02/2018

Set in the small and cosy Jimmy’s, a venue tucked away in Manchester city centre, London four-piece Anteros returned to the city with a sold out show. Having first heard Anteros perform supporting Two Door Cinema Club last year, I was very much looking forward to seeing one of my favourite artists perform at such an intimate venue.

Beginning with the upbeat ‘Cherry Drop’, the crowd, spanning a whole range of ages, listened attentively, with fans singing the lyrics back. The cosy basement venue was filled with the electric atmosphere created by Anteros’ signature fast-paced beat, coupled with frontwoman Laura Hayden’s powerful vocals. Hayden showed her fearlessness, effortlessly jumping and dancing around the stage in her incredible glittery jumpsuit whilst singing into fans’ iPhone cameras.

Asking ‘can we play you a brand new song?was quite obviously enthusiastically responded to with excited shouts from the crowd. We all wanted to hear what their next album is going to offer. They did not disappoint; the crowd listened attentively whilst moving along, clearly appreciating the brand new music which failed to disappoint. Somewhere between indie and pop, every song from the gig is, to some extent, stuck in my head (and most likely will be for the next week).

The self-titled ‘Anteros’, which the band stated is ‘the best song [they] have ever written’, had everyone listening attentively. The track gradually built up with dreamy harmonising vocals and the atmosphere was ecstatic, filling every corner of the room.

Towards the end of the set, Hayden took a moment to remind the girls and women in the audience of their own worth. Speaking from her own personal experience in a genuine and heartfelt tone, she truly used her platform to empower her female audience. During the band’s performance of their latest release ‘Bonnie’ from the Love EP, the band invited any girls in the crowd on stage to dance with them and share that moment with her – it was wonderful to see so many girls having a night that they would remember for years to come.

The final song of the night, the title track of their first EP, ‘Breakfast’ instantly got the whole crowd moving. With a catchy drum beat juxtaposed to the rather negative message of the song, ‘Breakfast’ is a feel-good song which left the crowd wanting more.

The hour-long set absolutely flew by. With a healthy dose of female empowerment, Anteros made this an amazing night. It was so great to see so many different people come out for the show – from younger girls to elderly couples, Anteros are definitely one to watch. I will be seeing these guys when they return to Manchester!