What’s New? Bad News Club – The Painter

When we last discussed Bad News Club, Luke Prosser was simply recording and releasing beautiful songs independently. Now, the 22-year old is back and releasing debut single ‘The Painter’ via Transgressive’s paradYse records.

Despite all being recorded on an iPhone, the melancholy strum of a guitar and Prosser’s delicate vocal are captured and mixed superbly to create a beautifully soft and cozy environment for the listener. Furthermore, the comforting production softens the blow of some of the more despondent lyrics “I don’t know where she goes when I’m not around”. It’s a special moment when undeniably sad music can sound so euphorically sweet at the same time.

Bad News Club said about the track:

"At the end of last year I had a conversation with someone I hold very dear in my life. I came home straight after, wrote The Painter and recorded it live in my room onto my phone - and it’s that very first take that you’re hearing."

Listen to ‘The Painter’ below and buy tickets to Bad News Club’s headline show at Servant Jazz Quarters here