Croydon, a place of many wonders, but not primarily known for it’s top notch punk bands. Well, think again my friends and enter FRAUDS. Described by the living legend Anthony Fantano (TheNeedleDrop) as “crazy, energetic, and over-the-top”, these guys are not to be ignored. And luckily for you, you don’t have to go to Croydon to check them out. The two-piece are off on tour tomorrow with fellow rockers JOHN so continue on below for a short chat with the band, acquaint yourself with their tunes and check out their closest tour date to you.


So for those who don’t know, who is FRAUDS?

We’re Frauds – a punk band from Croydon. We like making noise and singing about things that others don’t sing about.


The first song we heard from you guys was Fuck Fuck Goose – how have you seen your music change since that point?

That was pretty much the first song we wrote! I’d say since then we’ve learned how to develop our ideas more and have learned how to take songs in unexpected directions. Although – simple and straight forward is often still best and Fuck Fuck Goose is a good example of that. We still play it live.



Your debut album came out last month. How long has that been in the works?

About a year and a half. We recorded it in 2016. It took time to get it as we wanted, to get a couple of videos made and to make sure the flow is right. A few of the songs fade into each other and that was more work than I expected.


Why did you decide to title it With Morning Toast & Jam & Juice?

It’s a line from the penultimate track ‘Could’ve, Should’ve, Would’ve’ which is being released as a single soon. In the song there’s an old loser in a bar and the barmaid doesn’t like him. He tells her ‘I used to have girls like you with morning toast and jam and juice, if only you saw what I was before’. Most of the songs are a critique of what we don’t like about world events and attitudes – the kinds of things you read about in the morning papers over breakfast so we thought it was fitting in that sense too.


The artwork is incredible. Where did the idea come from?

Stuart Lee-Tovey. He’s a friend of ours who plays guitar in the awesome band Matters from Birmingham. He’s a talented person who makes incredible music videos and has a good eye for photography – some of which involve doing nasty things with food. Linked to the album title we wanted to have the morning toast, etc jammed together as if we’ve had enough of what we were reading in the papers that day. Stuart nailed it.



What’s your favourite track and why?

Our last single Sandwiches is probably my favourite. It’s always fun to play live and always feels like we’ve gone on a little journey.



You’re off on tour with JOHN very soon. Where are you most exciting about going?

That’s difficult. We’ve been to Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and Cardiff before and always had a great time in those places. I’ve never been to Edinburgh before so am probably most excited about seeing how that goes. The best part of playing in a band is meeting new people and making friends. We can’t wait.


01/02/18 – Birmingham, Wagon & Horses

02/02/18 – Bristol, Mother’s Ruin

03/02/18 – Cardiff, The Moon Club

08/02/18 – Edinburgh, The Mash House

09/02/18 – Manchester, The Peer Hat

10/02/18 – Birmingham, Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar

14/02/18 – Oxford, The Cellar (JOHN only)

17/02/18 – London, The Lock Tavern


What’s your favourite thing about those guys and their music?

Pure explosive energy. There’s something relentless and joyful about their music and live shows in particular. I’m looking forward to seeing them play every night.


Favourite JOHN track you would recommend to a newcomer?

Their debut album is short so just go and listen to it all. Although, if you’re forcing me, I’d say my favourites on the album are ‘Balfron’ and “Ghost Printer’. The song ‘Cultural Trip’ which was released in 2016 is fucking ace too.



Favourite tour moment of your career?

Last year we went on tour with Jamie Lenman. My favourite moment was playing at the Scala in London. We were on first and there was a delay with the doors opening. 5 minutes before we went on there was no-one in there but half way into the first song the place was rammed. It was the biggest show we’ve played and a relief that we didn’t have to play to a big empty room.


If you had one sentence to convince someone to come down to your shows what would you say?

Don’t be a knob, come to the show.




Liked all this? Check out the brilliant video for single Suck Jobs and head to the band’s Facebook for more info.