What’s New? Breathe Panel – Relax

Hazy pitch bends and chugging motorik rhythms make for a strong reintroduction into the self-contained world of Breathe Panel. ‘Relax’ is the first taste of new material since debut single ‘On My Way’ last year and building on their distinctive sound, sun-bleached production softens spiky guitar lines and soaring vocals, and pounding drums build into a formidable threat.

Recorded with Hookworms’ MJ on production duties, it’s ‘a monotonous ode to being held inside your own head with anxiety, with brief flourishes and a song title to celebrate moments of sheer joy or unexpected daily beauty,’ says vocalist Nick Green. ‘Relax’ is fraught with an anxious tension but eventually, peace punctures its dense armour like sunlight through branches with a simple reminder to Breathe.