Album Review: Killing Moon – New Moons Vol. IX

London based label Killing Moon have made their album series New Moons a household name, with eight compilations already out. The series is now reaching the the milestone of a 10-year anniversary and with that comes the ninth edition of New Moons – the passion for unearthing and spreading great music is greater than ever.

Starting with humble beginnings and just a passion for music, 2018 now sees Killing Moon reaching its sixth year and developing from a taste-maker blog into a record label/artist management company/concert promoter. Yet they still remain true to what made their name. They have pretty much solidified themselves as top A&R people by scoping talents such as Alt-J, Foxes and Royal Blood early on.

Now they present us with another batch of fresh talent in Volume IX. With 20 tracks, it’s a lot, but hey, who can really question their track record? Without further ado, let’s talk about the new edition. Now of course, I won’t bore you with a review on every single track but why not some favourites?

‘It Goes In‘ from Bat and Ball can’t be pinned down to any genre or sub-genre even if you try. Infused with such a diversified set of sounds and influences, the band form it all together into something we can’t define but of which my ears are definitely a fan.

Annabel Allum returns to the New Moon series with ‘Spit‘ a beautifully constructed track. A down-tempo vibe ascending into a more euphoric sound coated with her falsetto and the natural authenticity of her twangy dialect. Pale Honey‘s ‘Golden’ and The Solars‘ ‘Goddess of the Suburbs’ are both filled with dreamy vocals and a sound to help you fade into your own world.

Beasts‘ ‘Creature’ begins and you wouldn’t be wrong to mistake it with Kasabian in their prime but it quickly develops into some great desert rock alike to Fu Manchu.

All in all, a very varied mix with artists I wouldn’t be surprised to soon see on many music fans’ lips (and playlists). New Moons Vol. IX fails to disappoint and if you’re one who likes to keep an eye for the next big thing, then this is just the right thing for you.