Bluedot bring brains to the bill

It’s nothing new for a festival to have some kind of science related field, tent or themed speaker these days. Paul Reed of the Association of Independent Festivals said back in 2017 that UK festival punters were after “a more cerebral experience,” and this is particularly the case when a family could be shelling out the equivalent of an all-inclusive package holiday to Spain for a weekend’s entertainment outdoors at the mercy of the unpredictable British weather. And this is where Bluedot enters the fray.

Set amidst the rolling Cheshire plains, the event is a cosmic collision of scientific inquiry and wonderment set to a multifarious soundtrack full of indie icons, electronic musical legends and unpredictable collaborations of science and the arts. 2016’s inaugural year had its logistical teething problems but there was no mistaking the impact of placing Jean-Michel Jarre, Air, Underworld and the physicist Brian Cox on the same bill against the backdrop of the third largest steerable radio telescope in the world!

Glastonbury’s absence this year may mean that many of you will have a huge, gaping festival-shaped hole in your summer. If this is the case and you’re desperate to fill it with a more refined, cultural experience then Bluedot 2018 may just be the ticket. The first announcements have been made and true to form, the organisers already look like they’re concocting something a little bit special.

As if managing to coral The Chemical Brothers, The Flaming Lips and Future Islands into the same leafy field near Holmes Chapel wasn’t enough, they’ve managed to present a live version of our favourite TV show of 2017, Blue Planet 2, set to a classical soundtrack performed by the world-famous Halle Orchestra. If that stunning proposition wasn’t enough to whet your appetite, you can also look forward to Public Service Broadcasting‘s thrilling narratives dealing with some of the most significant scientific moments that have defined this nation and indeed the world. The iconic Gary Numan will be there alongside ambient music pioneers The Orb and to top it all, the erudite Professor Alice Roberts will also be along for the ride, informing and educating us as she goes. Your journey of discovery starts here.

Find the full announcement below:

blue dot festival