What’s New? Uncle Luc – Plateaux

It’s rare to find an artist keenly wearing their influences so proudly on their sleeve. Enter Uncle Luc.

The newest release from bedroom super-label Superfan 99’s ‘Plateaux’ is a bold embrace of everything 70s: acoustic guitars, power-pop harmonies, hell, even an accordion breakdown. Luckily steering clear of the tack and naff that the decade can sometimes also offer, the track is a trip back in time heard through a Bluetooth speaker – it twists the formula just enough to appeal to audiences of all ages.

Painting in broad strokes, the Surrey-based songwriter’s palette is gloriously colourful as the kaleidoscopic charisma and charm of ‘Plateaux’ demonstrates. As Whitney proved early last year, there’s more than enough demand for a country-pop revival and Uncle Luc is leading the charge.

‘Plateaux’ is released 26/01 via Superfan 99.