What’s New? Vienna Youth – Falling Man

Slowly dawning like a chilly morning, ‘Falling Man’ sees Devon 4-piece Vienna Youth couple husky Norah Jones-esque vocals with piercing guitar lines and baggy drums to hypnotising results. Distant echoes lend a sense of perfectly judged sense of space to the track and cascading riffs are caught briefly in free-fall like a frozen waterfall or frames from a film reel. The casual, shoegazey shimmer of the track is eventually fractured by a mutilated solo and a distant percussive crescendo, leaving the song to shiver and pick absentmindedly at fragments.

Bringing together vacant soundscapes and emotional intensity, listening to ‘Falling Man’ is like watching an out-of-earshot breakup through frosted glass. Like an iceberg, there’s more to Vienna Youth’s glacial veneer than can be seen from far off – there’s much more unfolding under the surface than initially meets the eye.