What’s New? Team Picture – (I Have A) Little Secret

A year ago today we announced the full line-up for our first ever TMB gig – which as you may have guessed featured today’s feature – Team Picture. And now, exactly a year later, they’re releasing one of their best tracks to date.

You never know what to expect when a new Team Picture track arrives, ‘(I Have A) Little Secret’ lulls the listener initially with it’s soft drums and gentle guitars until the 80s-influenced synths and electronic elements totally take over. Vocals shift from melancholic whispers of fond memories “this is how we learnt to connect through guitar tones” that distinctly contrasts the strong and emphatic distorted voice that comes next “he always told me love was putrid, now he be acting cupid stupid”. Unique and intriguing – I can’t recommend it enough.

Speaking about the track, guitarist Josh said:

“We really resonate with the sincerity and enduring relevance of pop music from the 70's and 80's, and the ability of so many bands from this period to transcend genre and remain influential. We wanted to celebrate that, and maybe shed some of the grungier associations we've previously collected. Once the synth bass was on there, Matt [Peel] was like “okay, how poppy/80’s do we want to get here?” and I think at some point we decided to go completely balls-to-the-wall and make it as joyous as possible.”

2018 should see Team Picture go from strength to strength after multiple 6Music supported tracks last year and starting off tonight with their DIY 2018 show alongside Horsey, whenyoung & Nervous Conditions.

Listen to ‘(I Have A) Little Secret’ below now:

UK Tour Dates
23/1 | The Old Blue Last, London
14/2 | Oporto, Leeds