What’s New? Bad Lungs – The DT’s

Crashing straight into 2018 without a second thought, Bad Lungs arrive with their debut single ‘The DT’s’ sounding like the bastard lovechild of Ty Segall and the B-52s and already threatening to self implode in a fume of fuzzed-out distortion. Propelled by powerhouse drums and eerily accompanied by B-movie keys, the group relish in their crazed havoc. Pre-chorus, a melodic breather sees frontman Tom Rowlett’s vocals stalk the guitar line into unexpected corners until eventually scaring it off with a feral howl to hide under a blanket of white noise.

It may be early days but the band look set to follow in the footsteps of fellow Londoners Thee MVPs and bring carnage to garages across the globe – be there whilst they’re stuck back in Blighty.