What’s New? FRIGS – ‘Talking Pictures’

Post-punk guitars criss-crossing over power-pop drums is an excellent way to start any year – let alone one as terrifying as 2018. And luckily, FRIGS provide just that.

‘Talking Pictures’ is the new single from the Toronto four-piece, arriving alongside a release date for debut album Basic Behaviour that’s out 23rd February via Arts & Crafts.

Crammed with deceptively catchy hooks that float just above angular instrumental patterns, a deadpan Bria Salmena recalls Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon as the swelling track threatens to burst. Her throaty scream in the vein of Hookworms’ MJ contributes to a wall of sound which is mercifully cut short at a sweet two and a half minutes.

God knows how we’d cope if FRIGS were ever allowed free reign to tear our ears apart. God willing, we’ll find out next month.