What’s New? Sorry – ‘Lies’

Arriving ahead of their biggest headline show to date at Corsica Studios tomorrow (5/12), the new track from London incendiaries Sorry arrives via Domino today. ‘‘Lies’ nails down the slow-burning prog-punk laced with glitchy electronica the 4-piece introduced us to with A-side ‘Wished’, and builds further into their self-made scene of South London.

Huskily murmured and eerily intimate, the track inhabits the dark corners and empty spaces between genres, blending the romanticism of Arca’s soundscapes with the sparser edges of bands like Pixies. Repetitive vocal loops snag on menacing guitars, hypnotic and charred, as Asha Lorenz snarls and spits out an intoxicating ‘togeva’. Destined to sit on repeat until 2017 comes to a pathetic end, the track challenges the most accomplished musicians and attempts no pitiful apologies. Corsica beckons; you’ll be sorry you missed them.