What’s New? Accommodate // Decriminalize – A // D

How can you, sat at home, help the homeless? It’s normally a very difficult question but is now luckily coupled with a very easy answer – buy the new compilation from¬†Accommodate // Decriminalize. A bumper 31-tracks long, it’s aiming to raise money for charities combating issues faced by Brighton’s homeless community through its long list of gorgeously lo-fi wonky-pop, raucous garage rock and more experimental cuts.

Stacking such diverse genres side-by-side may have proven a challenge but the album seamlessly stitches them together with field recordings, layering bigger names (Garden Centre, Porridge Radio) next to those yet to break (The Smell of the Heat, Twin Venus) and piling harsh noise next to whispered silence. Comprehensively covering Brighton’s scene with all its niches and quirks is no easy task but the compilation aces it and promises to shift the profits to charity to boot. A // D: a major success and the perfect Christmas present for both yourself and someone less fortunate.